The following are some endorsements of MATSDA.

MATSDA is unusual in taking seriously the academic underpinning of materials development and its journal and conferences provide a wealth of insights into the ways a teacher can assist the L2 learning process.

Professor Michael Hoey - Vice-Chancellor International, University of Liverpool

There are very few organisations concerned with language and applied linguistics that support and develop, as successfully as MATSDA does, the interfaces between theory and classroom practice.

Prof Ron Carter, School of English, University of Nottingham.

For many years, MATSDA has led the ELT field in promoting understanding of what makes for quality materials for English language learning and teaching. Attending a MATSDA event means engaging in enlightening and collegial discussions with professionals from all over the world who want to ensure teachers and learners get the best materials they can.

Professor Anne Burns - University of Aston and University of New South Wales

MATSDA is unique as an association in focussing the attention of the profession on the key role materials play in the teaching/learning equation. Since its inception, it has trained a critical eye on the kind of materials produced by publishers, and exercised a healthy influence on innovative trends.

Professor Alan Maley - Visiting Professor, Leeds Metropolitan University

My own involvement with MATSDA was in the 1990s. I find it remarkable that it is still going strong and am delighted to see it is. It serves as an invaluable resource for innovative ideas about language teaching materials and, as such, is a welcome antidote to the monotony of the language teaching materials emanating from the leading publishers.

Professor Rod Ellis, University of Auckland

The MATSDA conferences are unique in the interaction between speaker and audience in sessions and the incredibly positive vibe outside sessions. I've been a member since the association started and regard the (tax-deductible) cost of membership as money well spent!

Philip Prowse - course book author and editor of the Cambridge Readers Series

Since its inception MATSDA has provided a valuable forum for the discussion of practical teaching methods and coursebooks that fills a void other associations have neglected. It provides friendly and participative events that have been highly useful for participants.

Professor Vivian Cook - University of Newcastle