Write for Folio

We are always happy to receive submissions on any topic related to L2 materials development including L2 materials evaluation and design, coursebook writing and publishing, materials samples, research and reports on materials in use in international contexts* and book reviews. See guidelines for more details.

We are keen to extend Folio's role as the mouthpiece of MATSDA's members, and provide services that members will find useful. This reflects our main aim as an organisation: to provide writers, publishers, academics teachers and students with a forum for discussion.

In addition, we will continue to publish a register of freelance members interested in working on publishing projects. This 'networking' aspect of MATSDA's activities is something we hope to develop and keep up-to-date.

If you would like to submit to Folio please follow the guidelines and forward your articles to Freda Mishan, FOLIO Editor Freda.Mishan@ul.ie

*We welcome up-to-date research, reports and snapshots (500 - 2000 words) describing materials used in your own teaching context.

Folio editorial guidelines

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