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The current issue

In the current issue (Volume 18.1):

Tamas Kiss and Hazelynn Rimbar

Unity in diversity: How teachers address issues of culture in locally produced EFL material

Owen Robertson and Paul Knight

Long versus short term needs: Evaluating a course book used by Middle Eastern militaries

Rosa-Maria Cives-Enriquez

Transform your Story-telling! How can poetry and story-telling be an effective and meaningful way of teaching the target culture and language through CLIL?

Tony Waterman

Exploiting classroom walls

Alan Maley

Letter from C Group Founder: Does the C Group Have a Future?

Rod Bolitho

Book Review: International Perspectives on Materials in ELT

Kieran Moore

Book Review: ETpedia Materials Writing

Freda Mishan

Book Review: Integrating Global Issues in the Creative English Language Classroom: with reference to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The previous issue

In the previous issue (Volume 17.2):

Robert Godwin-Jones

Designing an intermediate level language textbook for mobile access and learner autonomy

Paul Benjamin

Is There a Place for Youth Culture in Middle Eastern ELT Materials?

Jennifer Wagner

Regional Variation in the Vocabulary of French Textbooks

Tony Waterman

English Language Learners Describing Graphs Successfully

Saw Thanda Swe

Assessing Teaching and Learning Culture through Language Coursebooks: Experienced EFL teachers’ perspectives

Aileen Bowe

Book Review: Reconceptualising Authenticity for English as a Global Language

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