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The current issue

In the latest issue (Volume 17.1):

Alan Maley

‘More Research is Needed’ – A mantra too far?

Linh Phung

Facilitating Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) through Web-based Activities: A Teacher’s reflection

Catarina Castro

The Philosophy Underlying the use of L2 Textbooks in a University Context

Zheng, Xiaohong & Zhou, Yan

On Foreign Cultural Content in English Textbooks: A case study of the textbooks used in Chinese Junior Middle Schools: Go for it

Paul Benjamin

The Culture of the Classroom: A framework for developing culturally appropriate materials for Arab learners

David Brennan

Book Review: Creativity in the English Language Classroom

Previous issue

In the previous issue (Volume 16.2):

Rod Bolitho

Language Textbooks and Materials: A Way and Ways

Marina Bouckaert

Perspectives on ELT Materials Development: Student Teachers’ Voices

Averil Bolster

Materials Adaptation of EAP Materials by Experienced Teachers (Part II)

Michael Tasseron

These materials work and the learners agree!

Paul Benjamin

Cultural Appropriacy in Materials Adaptation: Do We Need to Walk on Eggshells?

Myriam del Río Hernández

Capturing Connotation: Second Language Acquisition Through Literary Texts

Danny Norrington-Davies

Visualisation, memory and engaging L2 learners in the reading experience

Paul Benjamin

Can an Understanding of Discourse and Pragmatics Make Our Texts More Realistic? An Example from an Arabian Coursebook

Soraya Garcia Esteban

Using Social Constructivism and Digital Content to Enhance English Language Teacher Training

Peter Levrai and Averil Bolster

Developing A Closer Understanding of Academic Oral Presentations

Reviewed by Philip Prowse

Book Review: English Language Teaching Textbooks Content, Consumption, Production

Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learner Literature Awards

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