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The current issue

In the current issue (Volume 17.2):

Robert Godwin-Jones

Designing an intermediate level language textbook for mobile access and learner autonomy

Paul Benjamin

Is There a Place for Youth Culture in Middle Eastern ELT Materials?

Jennifer Wagner

Regional Variation in the Vocabulary of French Textbooks

Tony Waterman

English Language Learners Describing Graphs Successfully

Saw Thanda Swe

Assessing Teaching and Learning Culture through Language Coursebooks: Experienced EFL teachers’ perspectives

Aileen Bowe

Book Review: Reconceptualising Authenticity for English as a Global Language

The previous issue

In the previous issue (Volume 17.1):

Alan Maley

‘More Research is Needed’ – A mantra too far?

Linh Phung

Facilitating Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) through Web-based Activities: A Teacher’s reflection

Catarina Castro

The Philosophy Underlying the use of L2 Textbooks in a University Context

Zheng, Xiaohong & Zhou, Yan

On Foreign Cultural Content in English Textbooks: A case study of the textbooks used in Chinese Junior Middle Schools: Go for it

Paul Benjamin

The Culture of the Classroom: A framework for developing culturally appropriate materials for Arab learners

David Brennan

Book Review: Creativity in the English Language Classroom

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