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The current issue

In the latest issue (Volume 19.1):

Rod Bolitho

Issues and Relationships in the Use of Materials

Marina Bouckaert

The Teacher’s Guide as a Source for Professional Language Teacher Development

Mohammad Taghei Azad

Four Decades of Studies on Gender Representation in Textbooks

David Brennan

Creative Engagement in the English Language Classroom

Eva Ellederová

Design-Based Research of an ESP Coursebook: Evaluation of the Coursebook Pilot Version

Roomana Khan

Designing Materials for Adult Immigrants

Muhammad-Gombe Umar

Development of Self-Access Materials for Kanuri Learners of Hausa in Bama, Borno State, Nigeria

Tony Waterman

Producing and Exploiting Visual Material

Amjad Alsyouf

Creative Writing as an Effective Method of Learning English as a Foreign Language: A Case Study of Arab learners

Mohammad Alzu'bi

The Impact of Think-Aloud on EFL Students’ Reading Comprehension

Janice Wu

Materials Spot: Re-purpose it!

Reviewed by Freda Mishan

Book Review: Meaning-Focused Materials for Language Learning

The previous issue

In the previous issue (Volume 18.2):

Brian Tomlinson

Text-Driven Approaches to Task-Based Language Teaching

Eva Ellederová

English for Specific Purposes Materials Development: Design-Based Research Methodology

Junwei Niu and Mogana Dhamotharan

Use of an Enriched Corpus-Based English Supplement for Medical Students

Averil Bolster and Peter Levrai

Writing Together: Storming to Success

Jill Hadfield

Covert Syllabuses

Tony Waterman

Exploiting model lesson plans with trainees

Anne Marie Guerrettaz, Marcus Grandon, Siwon Lee, Corinne Mathieu, Adon Berwick, Adam Murray, Mostafa Pourhaji

Materials use and development: Synergetic processes and research prospects

Nuria Lopez

Research-informed Pedagogical Considerations for the Design and Use of Animation as a Teaching Tool

Craig Meulen

How Do I Know ‘Jack and Jill Went up the Hill’? Teaching pragmatics and modality to beginners needs context to bring it to life: insights drawn from consideration of obligatory evidential marking in Tibetan

Umar Muhammad Gombe and Clifford I Gbeyonron

Hausa Language Teaching Materials: A review

Reviewed by Naeema B.Hann

Book Review: The Complete Guide to the Theory and Practice of Materials Development for Language Learning

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